Friday, August 20, 2010

You Know St. Barry, the Workingman's Friend? Well, He's Gonna FUCK Ya!

The Shazama Regime plans to fuck-up Social Security as a way to demonstrate their "seriousness."

No, really! He is.

RJ Eskow was at the meeting where a "very senior White House Official" spilled the beans. They will fuck you in the ass, if you're a Senior, or disabled, or otherwise supported by SS, in order to demonstrate to (?) that the Regime is "credible" in the matter of reducing the 'deficit.'

Now unless you are a drooling retard, or have been in solitary for the last 30 years, you know that the ONLY people to whom the "deficit" actually matters are the Aristos, the Bosses, the Owners. That's why they loved Bill Clinton--he used the deficit to fuck the poor, too.

The discussion is subtle, and would require as much verbiage to describe as it does to explain. So go to the site (HuffPo) and consider.

And remember, please, that there were folks (Y'r Ob'd't S'v't among them), who tried to warn you credulous, drooling Hopium addicts that


Mebbe he doesn't want to. But it's his job, the price he paid to get the job, the position, the fame, the historic accomplishment.

So he'll do it...

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