Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FOX Nooz Floozies Flashing The Coochie For Ratings Boosties?

Fox News' most ardent audience is, apparently, horny, rightard/fuctard boys who lust for a flash of panty when their favorite distaff news-reader crosses her legs. Fox panders to them by dressing its botoxed, bosomy blondes in tight sweaters, plunging necklines and micro-mini skirts which barely cover their asses, then seating them in chairs or sofas which poise their knees above their crotches, and panning the camera across their knees when they move. You can almost feel the little boehners growing.

Playboy noticed and gathered a nice selection of Foxy 'beaver shots, including this beguiling glimpse of Gretchen Carlson's tighty whities...I can't listen to her, but I'd do her, you betcha!

1 comment:

Liberality said...

Because the Fox and their retarded followers women are just window dressing.