Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael Moore on Gibbs' Flapping His Mouth

"I think that what's bothering them is that liberals and the left have been right from the beginning. From the beginning of this administration, what did people on our side of the fence say? You should take over these banks temporarily and fire all the thieves who stole our money. But instead, what did they do? They enabled them. They called for more offshore oil drilling. They expanded the war in Afghanistan. The stimulus package -- they caved in to the Republicans. Everything that we've been trying to push them to do has now come back to bite them in a profound way to the point where they're very frightened, as they should be, about the election in a couple of months. ... You don't want him drafting the fundraising letter for the next election cycle. It will begin something like, 'Dear biggest Obama supporters: You Suck! Now send us money, please.' ... They better get busy trying to fight the fight for the working people out there who put him into office in the first place. They want to vote for him again but they're not very excited or enthused right now. And nothing I or you or anybody else is going to do is gonna make that enthusiasm just appear again. It's going to have to happen through actual action on the part of the administration -- so the ball's in their court." -- Michael Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

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Suzan said...

There's no surprise here.

The surprise is the citizens who think that the way politicians act is not the way they think (or are paid to think).

They know they are going to look bad in the elections, but they've known that from the first.

It had to have been the plan.

And they never deviated from it.

Did they?

Thanks for following this!