Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Against the Odds, The Jury Convicted Libby

Whether the smug lil fuck spends so much as a day in jail remains to be seen.

And even if he does, he'll spend it polishing his golf swing at some Club Fed, somewhere.

If part of the deal was the Scooter falls on his sword to save Darth Cheney, will the Chimp pardon him to fulfill that part of the deal?

What Appeals Court where's the ineviatble appeal? The DC Circuit is reliably GOPuke/Bushevik, innit?

By the time appeals have been exhausted, it'll be Dec, 08, and the blue "pardon" phone will be ringing for Libby, Cunningham, Ney, and all the rest of the fascist malefactors inadvertantly caught by the (replaced) US Attys.

And Libby gets a seat on the Carlisle Board?

That's my guess, anyway...

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