Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Busheviks Will Dodge The US Atty. Bullet, Because There Is No Smoking Gun

The furor over the firing of several US Attorneys in mid-career, which seems to be precipitating a Constitutional Crisis because the Bushevik ShiteHouse says it willl NOT permit Bushevik minions like Karl Rove, Kyle Sampson, or Harriet Meiers, to testify under oath, will turn out to be a tempest in a tea-pot. Much as it would be lovely to hoist the Bushits on some legalistic petard of their own devising, there's just no 'violation' here: no cum-stained blue dress, no dead bodies, nothing except partisan rhetoric.
The Dems in the Senate will fold like a cheap suit.


Mr. Pelican said...

Oh, I don't know about that. Perhaps if enough of us keep raising a stink, your teapot could have a "Dome". Granted, one more scandel won't have any palpable effect now, but it will add one more stinking footnote on an already fragrant legacy of ineptitude and illegitimacy that no amount of odor -eaters will assuage.

charley said...

there is cum all over the place.

alas, you may be right.

maybe one of the reasons i like you woody is you make my pessimism seem like optimism.

sex, bad. crimes against the constitution, not so bad. or, prove it mutherfucker.