Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Privatization: Horror-Stories From Walter Reed

I REALLY LOVE Mike Luckovich's work!!! Guess who runs the company that--in response to von Rumsfeld's demands for efficiency and privatization in the military--was responsible for the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital?

A former colleague of Darth "Big Dick" Cheney, that's who.

And guess what?

There's been (or at least there should have been) an on-going investigation of this mis-and mal-feasance since 2004.

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Joey Mars said...

WGG... what a recipe for disaster.... a soon to be de- commissioned army hospital with a 66% civilian staff privatised out out to GOP cronies. Under predicted casualties from delusional neo cons and Carlylian profiteers on top of typical red tape beuracratic delays.... can't hire enough people due to impending closing of facility.... all under direction of the shrub... now thats a entre to stay away from.... no amount of curry will change the stink of that rotten meat.... thank you Renquist, Scalia, O'connor , Thomas and Ringo