Friday, March 23, 2007

Joe Conason: Karl Rove Is A Lying FUCK!

From Salon, today:

"Rove is a proven liar who cannot be trusted to tell the truth even when he is under oath, unless and until he is directly threatened with the prospect of prison time. Or
has everyone suddenly forgotten his exceedingly narrow escape from criminal
indictment for perjury and false statements in the Valerie Plame Wilson investigation? Only after four visits to the grand jury convened by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, and a stark warning from Fitzgerald to defense counsel of a possible indictment, did Rove suddenly remember his role in the exposure of Plame as a CIA agent."

then IMPALE!!!!


Nancy Willing said...

heh, I am saving this pic for future use. His time will fucking come!

charley said...

i really hate the tricksie photo shops.

except this one.

fuckit, they let nixon slide. that was a big mistake.