Tuesday, March 11, 2008

20/20 Hindsight

This is the 2,020th post on the three blogs that comprise my little InnerToobs enterprise, since I posted the first one at the end of April, 2006. I hope you've enjoyed at least some of them. I have.

As an additional fillip, here are some fotos from a recent excursion through the Dineh' country on out to the Grand Canyon. Above, for instance, is a seriously ("monumentally"?) manly, albeit seasonally parched, yucca plant posed amid the amazing, 1,000-year-old, intricately crafted, geometrically almost perfect, field-stone ruins at Aztec Ruin National Monument, Aztec, NM. It's not as close to downtown as I recalled it, but it is very accessible, and well worth the $5 you pay to look around.

Below, that's the famed Shiprock, from a little south of Shiprock, AZ, and about 25 miles distant. (Travel Tip: If Shiprock's on your right, and you're aiming for Kayenta, you missed the turn. Hang a U-ey at the dead dog near the roadside, trailer taco stand...)
Right around here, somewhere, is the "e" in the middle of Nowhere, AZ. Also fossilized dinosaur tracks (give or take 150 miles; we do it all the time).This is one of the reasons for the trip: approaching Monument Valley, late pm.Even before the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, there's the canyon of the Little Colorado. It's steep: If you went over the side, it's 200 feet before you'd even touch the side; over a thousand feet to the bottom.---To Be Continued---


notwatchingtelevision said...

Wonderful pics. And they came right when I needed a little spiritual pick-me-up. I feel the blood pressure dropping a bit. Thanks, looking forward to the next ones. -- SP

Hecate said...

Really lovely!