Monday, March 10, 2008

NM 1,2, & 3 are ALL "open" seats

The announced retirement of "Pajama" Pete Domenici, the god-father of NM national politics for nearly seven terms in the US Senate, has caused tsunamic ripples throughout the whole NM Congressional delegation, as all three incumbent US Reps have announced their candidacies to replace him in the Senate.

Former Albuquerque City Council Chair Martin Heinrich so far seems to lead a pack of otherwise lackluster wannabees in NM 1, including the former Secretary of State who still, in 2004, could NOT distinguish any significant difference between open source and proprietary software in the bowels of the voting machines she was responsible for overseeing. The S.S. Beckie Vigil-Jiron floats VERY HIGH in the water. Others include Michelle Lujan Grisham , ex-State Aging Secretary, ex-State Health Secretary & Attorney; Robert Pidcock , Attorney & Army Veteran; and Jessica Wolfe, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide.

Announced GOPs are State Sen. Joe Carraro, and the National GOP fave, Sheriff Darren White. This has been Heather Wilson's seat. She was Pajama Pete's designated heir. Carraro is a charismatic former entertainer and bar-owner.

NM2, in the southern part of the state, and now represented by Steve Pearce, 58% supported Bush in 2004, and Pearce has never had serious opposition. Four Dems have announced to replace Pearce: Al Kissling, who was defeated by Pearce in 2006; Bill McCamley, a Harvard-educated local politician with the best environmental credentials of the field; Frank McKinnon, who has the most liberal record and agenda, and Harry Teague, a Hobbs businessman. This seat stays GOP unless Rapture occurs before November.

NM3 is the most competitive among the Dems. As the seat formerly held by Tom Udall, the leading contender to capture Domenici's seat for the Dems, it will likely stay Dem. It should be extremely competitive for the Dem nomination. The seat is seen locally as 'perq' belonging to the son of a long-time politico/Dem godfather. The lucky scion is one Ben Lujan, currently State Public Regulation Commission Chair & Son of State House Speaker Ben Lujan. Santa Fe County Commissioner Harry Montoya should be the most formidable challenger to Lujan, but the most progressive candidate probably is Don Wiviott, a 'green' developer and local environmental activist. Wiviott's the closest lineal heir to Tom Udall's seat, but his chances are not great, I think, between Lujan and Montoya, both deeply connected, powerful local politicos...Other candidates include Jemez Pueblo member and Ex-State Secretary of Indian Affairs, Bennie Shendo Jr. Jon Adams, originally from Los Alamos, is a former Assistant Attorney General; Rudy Martin is a social activist attorney from the tiny village of Dixon, famed for its apples and rapids.

Carol Miller is an announced "Green Party" Candidate. Two largely sacrificial GOPs are running.

I've known the elder Ben Lujan for YEARS. We were neighbors. He's a glad-handing, BIIIIG-smiling fixer and a ward-heeler in a district where ya gotta watch where you set your heels, due to there being not infrequent rattlesnakes around.


Mr. Pelican said...

Who is Harry Montoya? Can you give me a bio? I think I went to school with him.

Anonymous said...

I would say McCamley has a shot if Santa Fean Tinsley wins the Repbulican Nomination.

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

mr. pelican:
check this out...
Re, Harry Montoya

Anonymous said...

Don Wiviott the most progressive candidate???? Please do your homework! Wiviott is corporate-backed, no greener than any other real estate developer in a city where you have to be (or at least appear) green to make any money at all, and has a long history of intimidating and harassing (and suing) anyone who says otherwise.

Check out the details at:

The Truth About Wiviott

Not (Yet) Sued by Don Wiviott

Anonymous said...

Not sure we've heard/seen enough from the more recent entries to the race to write them off as "lackluster" en masse. Martin Heinrich has had a year longer to get his platform out--let's give the rest a fighting chance, at least, eh?