Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cui Bono: Who Is REALLY Benefitting From The Bear Stearns Bail-Out (BS B-O)?

Thom Hartmann yesterday dropped a tantalizing hint as to the REAL beneficiaries of the Federal Reserve's largesse in bailing out Bear-Stearns, and it's NOT the Billionaire Brit who was trying to corner all the shares.

In fact, Hartmann implied the primary beneficiaries of the bail-out are Saudi and other Middle-Eastern potentates who are deeply invested in the USer real estate market through these derivative instruments which caused the biggest part of the recent melt-downs and stock/credit crises that have overtaken the industries, beginning way last summer and still metastacizing throughout the financial markets today.

I e-mailed him today (thom@thomharmann.com) to enquire what his sources were for that assertion. I await an answer, and will post what I learn, here and elsewhere...


notwatchingtelevision said...

Look forward to your post when you find something out. Today I feel almost as pissed off as you, Woodrow, and it just might be permanent. I may have to hang out here more often just to get my Pollyanna-by-contrast back!

Take care, you . . . -- Sparkle Plenty

Anonymous said...
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