Thursday, March 06, 2008

What he said...

Jon Schwarz had this today:
I was concerned for a while that the Democrats wouldn't find some way to lose this year. Clearly they faced an extremely challenging environment: their opponents have destroyed the country and plan to nominate an angry gnome whose platform is "I will destroy this country harder!" It was obvious it would take discipline, hard work and more than a little luck for the Democrats to pull this one out of the fire and lose.

But you should NEVER count the Democrats out. Remember, these are the people who managed to lose to the mighty Bush/Quayle ticket in 1988. Do you believe in miracles?

—Jonathan Schwarz

Now That's What I Calls Hope!!!!!


Ruth said...

Seems that was a tho't going around this a.m., see cabdrollery and The Sideshow. But if you really don't think the Dems can make a success of anything, be assured. It won't work out!

Anonymous said...

Dukakis? What the fuck were they thinking? That guy couldn't inspire grass to grow.