Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Says Irony Is Dead?

The post-colonialist structure of the Dim primary is fascinating, pitting representatives of the two dominant 'colonized' Dimocrat base-groups--'women' and 'minorities'--against each other for the oligarchs' leavings, forcing them to play White Man's cut-throat, zero-sum, winner-take-all politics to put themselves in a position from which they will be in effect prevented from answering the particular dilemmas and issues of the groups of which they are avatars.

Such is the irony of Murka's first seriously multi-ethnic "National" political campaign:

By running as as the "Non-African-American" Black person, Obama CANNOT call or devote (should he be 'elected') special attention to the systematic social and economic marginalization of People-of-Color without losing popularity with 'tolerant whites' who might vote for a Pale Male Black who knows his place, by running the risk of being retroactively labeled as 'just another one of "them" '...

Of course, he cannot run as a 'Jesse Jackson' Black--that is, as a Black person with a special sympathy for the plight of poor, economically marginalized Blacks (and others, which of course the critics dismiss) without losing the 'white' votes that appear to make him a 'viable' candidate.

HRC confronts exactly the same dilemma as a "woman" candidate: she could NOT be a striong advocate for, say, Choice, because she would be accused of not being the "president" of all the people, which would include those who oppose choice for women in the matter of their bodies.

And it is probably all in vain, because I firmly believe that the Pukes will promote some fear-bearing horror between now and election day to drive the people onto the Fascist's arms again. Both Hillary and Barack are destined to become footnotes.

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