Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Avedon has a great idea: Deluge The White House With POSTCARDS!

Quotha, today:
You know, I really don't think it would hurt if thousands of people sent actual, physical postcards to Obama saying (politely, but emphatically. Ed.) that they did not vote for some tinkering at the edges, and they really do want real change, no matter what the conservatives who are wrecking our country want to call it. Call it liberalism, call it "socialism" if you must, or call it democracy, but we want an end to war and a return to pursuit of the liberal goals of accountability, freedom, and progress, and anything less at this point really is treason.

It's worth remembering that, despite what the (right-wing-fuelled) punditocracy says, and have misled many people into believing about themselves, we're a liberal country, and liberalism is what we want. Sure, after 30 years of hearing people on TV claim that what liberals believe in is "big government" and that we all think abortions are fun and everyone should have them (even though everyone should also be gay), not many people self-identify as liberal, since no one believes in that. But the policies that most people believe in are far, far to the left of what the so-called "centrists" believe in, which is probably more like big government than anything any actual liberal would ever support.
Rock ON, Avedon!!!

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