Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Secretary of Education: "bell hooks"

We've met, and this is a VERY SMART person. Her language is sometimes explicit, as they say...

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Alexandra said...

Thanks for post about Bell Hooks and Cultural Literacy, etc.

I am so effing jealous of the kids who get to go to the rich school down the road where they start Latin and French in the first grade. My grandchildren I presume will get dimmer and dimmer as they start the public schools which seem to be the recipients of all the cheap crap in educational theory from the Educational Departments in the colleges which is sponsored and supported by business and corrupt gov. policies. Putting that together with the cultural influences makes me suspect they will be just as unbearable and uneducated and unprepared for life on a functioning planet as all the rest.

So pissed! Turning green again!