Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Rapture, The Rapture?

The southern New Mexico congressional district NM-2 is a vast district that includes the parts of the State referred to by the rest of the State as "Little Texas" on the east side and "Little Arizona" on the west. It's a very conservative region, a deep notch in the "Bible Belt," with lots of ranchers, hunters, and Xian fundies. I have long said--and firmly believed--that NM-2, wouldn't go Democratic before the Rapture.

Harry Teague, a wealthy, southern New Mexico 'conservative' Democratic businessman with connections to the gambling and energy exploitation industries, won the House seat in NM-2 yesterday.

I haven't heard about any unoccupied Mercedes-Benz, Hummers, or F-350s rolling down I-25 around Las Cruces, so I guess the Rapture is still pending.

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