Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Wall Street Journal To Become MORE "Fair & Balanced"

Via Avedon today, over at Media Matters, EB posted this on Wednesday:
WSJ hires right-winger as deputy editor-in-chief

Politico's Michael Calderone has the internal announcement about Gerald Baker, former of Murdoch's Times of London, getting a top news job at the Journal. Writes Calderone:
It would be one thing for Baker to move to the conservative editorial page, but the self-described "right-wing curmudgeon" will have a role overseeing news coverage, a move that surprised some staffers because of his strong right-wing political views.

In February, Baker wrote a column that dubbed Obama a "dangerous left winger."
This appears to be the onset of what anybody with a whiff of acquaintance with Murdochian ways has been predicting since the "Great White Shark" of the world press acquired the rag. The WSJ had been renowned for the apparent ability of its news gathering and reporting staff to avoid being sullied by the Rightard rancor of its over-the-top 'editorial-page' ravings. The "Dirty Digger," who famously palled around with Hillary Clinton during the primaries, later shifted his personal support (including an endorsement from the NY Post) to Barack Obama, probably because the Obama Presidency will be so good for the ratings at Faux News...

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