Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Chinese (PRC) Used To Have A Fitting Punishment

For those commercial interests which disgraced or embarrassed The State like this: news services
updated 4:47 p.m. MT, Fri., Feb. 6, 2009
WASHINGTON - A Georgia peanut plant knowingly shipped salmonella-laced products as far back as 2007, at times sending out tainted products after tests confirmed contamination, according to inspection records released Friday.

Food and Drug Administration officials earlier had said Peanut Corp. of America waited for a second test to clear peanut butter and peanuts that initially were positive for salmonella. But the agency amended its report Friday, noting that the Blakely, Ga., plant actually shipped some products before receiving the second test and sold others after confirming salmonella.

Federal law forbids producing or shipping foods under conditions that could make it harmful to consumers’ health.
The top-level merchants or business people who got caught cheating--if that cheating was the cause of embarrassment to the regime--were summarily arrested, dispropriated, tried, convicted and executed. It might take two or three weeks, max.

Gives a whole new meaning to Chief Executive, innit?

I have long believed that, if the Rightards and death-penalty freaks were correct in their judgment that the death penalty has a 'deterrent' effect, the sight of somebody like Merrill-Lynch's John Thane kneeling in the gutter, awaiting the bullet in the brain would have a salutary effect...

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