Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Women Of North Dakota Need To Go All "Lysistrata"

Via skippy, the (former) bush kangaroo:
attention all women in north dakota

time to go on a sex strike. no nada...until this north dakota comes into the 21st century.

north dakota's house of representatives has passed a bill effectively outlawing abortion.

the house voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person. -
A perusal of the comments accompanying the short article on the radio station blog can only leave one with the deep gratitude that I do not live within 500 miles of that fucking reactionary pest-hole...(Unfortunately, it seems that one of the commenters DOES live in New Mexico; she expressed a desire to leave; I'll help the fucking bint pack...)

Here's just the last example in the comments section of the post:
Posted by talacoma on Feb 19 2009 2:03PM - Yeah it would be great if all abortions where just used for woman who get raped or her life is in great danger. But the ones who use it the most are those who can't keep their legs closed or don't use protection. Here is a little hint to you woman, the decision on wheather or not you want a kid begins with keeping your legs shut. But I am sure that is too much to ask that people have self control or take resposibility for their actions since we live in a world that no one wants to admit that they did wrong.
As always when I read remarks associated with stories like this one, I wonder if the women involved with the likes of 'talacoma' fully realize the scorn and contempt with which their men view them, and if they do, why they do not do something about it (cf: Burning Bed).

I wonder if the High Plains Bloviator, fat Eddie Schultz, had anything to say on the matter, even though his travels have been taking him farther and farther afield from Fargo.

A quick perusal of his web-site reveals no sign that he payed the least attention to the matter. If so, please lemme know and flag it if you can...

But it figgers that fat Ed wouldn't touch this one. Schultz has only one principle: self-promotion. He wants the same kind of power he sees Limbaugh exerting over the Right to be his over the Left.

Which is ab-fucking-surd, since he's no leftist, no progressive. He's an Obama centrist, at best... But he'll do anything, sell anything, say anything to achieve that, even though the Left is not the sort of discourse that actually obeys the commands of would-be bosses...

I am objectively Pro-Abortion: Insured, On Demand, Safe, No Questions Asked.

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