Sunday, February 01, 2009

New, Improved, Minty-Fresh: It's A Tooth-paste AND A Floor Wax

Diane, over at the Cab Drollery blog, regards the nativist sentiments exemplified by GOPuke pundits like Bat Buchanan, members of the American Cause, which released a report arguing that anti-immigration absolutism was still the solution for the party’s deep electoral woes. Diane concludes:
The election of an African American president, while an indication that a majority of Americans were ready to move beyond race as a qualifier for national leadership...
But, I asked, does it really mean that?
I somehow doubt it, actually.

Fewer than 43% of whites voted for Obama His 'mandate' is slightly less than 6 percent, overall. More than 60 MILLION 'Murkins' voted AGAINST Mr.O. Think about that: 60 million people voted for four more years of disastrous GOPuke rule, rather than vote for Obama.

I am coming to regard--no, that's not true; I have always regarded--Mr.O as our political equivalent of Febreze or, if you prefer the visual to the aural metaphor, Photoshop: He makes "us" look/smell better, but only cosmetically. The same filth, venality, corruption, racism and mendacity that are ALWAYS there are STILL there, but their stench is covered up, the blemishes air-brushed out.
In fact, the cynic in me observes that Mr.O could be the ultimate "token," more symbolic than 'real.'


Ruth said...

With the kind of propaganda they heard, more voted against Al Gore and John Kerry. When the media starts giving readers reality-based info, then we can make some judgments about people's attitudes.

Anonymous said...

And like that's gonna happen.