Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's the Day That Hilda Solis' Confirmation Is Supposed To Pass The Senate

Why do I keep thinking that it won't?

Is it because, as I believe (though I hope it isn't true), Prez.O named her only as a stalking horse, to goad the Pukes into opposition, to which he can then concede, thereby preserving the appearance of compromise while, handily, throwing over arguably the ONLY nominee for any post in his regime who is not vetted by the USCoC and the Mnufacturers' Association, and sticking yet ANOTHER shit-encrusted thumb in the eye of the "progressives" whom Prez.O regards askance in any case?

Or is it because I simply do not, in general, trust anyone so willing to compromise principle for "pragmatism?"

On Down With Tyranny, the blog asked Sunday if we'd have a Labor Sec by today. DWT is optimistic. Personally, I doubt it. There is HUGE animosity against Solis and her 'working-class' background, her roots in struggle, her experiences of oppression. She was/is the ONLY member of her class in the Cabinet choices.

I shall accept a small portion of 'crow' to consume with my dinner if it turns out that I have misjudged the Prez.

DWT ends her/his reflections with this provocative reflection by Marianne Faithful:

Btw: If you are not familiar with Faithfull's interpretations of the Brecht/Weil-ish entre-bellum oeuvre, you owe it to yourself to become acquainted with "20th Century Blues."

Btw, too: I'd love to hear Ms. Faithfull covering Leonard Cohen's material. If anyone knows of such, please lemme know?


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So good to check in with you. Only to see you bravely bearing the standard. Blog on brother Woody.

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Dig it!