Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Names Another "Reliable" Crypto-Puke/DINO To Head Commerce

Here's a Wiki bio on Obama's Commerce Dept. nominee. Expect him to SAIL through (DOTOF™ to Archangel on FSZ):
Democrats criticized Locke for embracing the Republican Party's no-new-taxes approach to dealing with Washington's budget woes during and after the 2001 economic turmoil. Among his spending-reduction proposals were laying off thousands of state employees; reducing health coverage; freezing most state employees' pay; and cutting funding for nursing homes and programs for the developmentally disabled. In his final budget, Locke suspended two voter-passed, pro-school initiatives while cutting state education funding. That same state budget, though, had record-high allocations for construction projects.
We are supposed to be assured because, by Obama's own accolades for Locke yesterday when naming him to the post, he's fundamentally PRO-Bidness which, imho, is not the highest recommendation for nominees to a fucking post that requires the regulation of commerce.

I don't know if this is better than the rumored appointment of Harold Ford, or worse. Probably: a net "shit-encrusted digit" in the eye of anything like slowing, much less reversing, the headlong consolidation of the Corporation and the State.

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Silent_Majority said...

This guy sounds like the first sensible nominee for the position. Maybe Obama is finally realizing that the US is not liberal. The Silent Majority