Monday, October 05, 2009

Krugman "Gets" It, Clearly, But Cannot Make The NEXT Step.

"...ever since the Reagan years, the Republican Party has been dominated by radicals — ideologues and/or apparatchiks who, at a fundamental level, do not accept anyone else’s right to govern.
The result has been a cynical, ends-justify-the-means approach. Hastening the day when the rightful governing party returns to power is all that matters, so the G.O.P. will seize any club at hand with which to beat the current administration."

And I promise you, the only thing that'll change their minds is a bayonet at the throat.


Charles D said...

And the Democrats, whose only goal is to beat Republicans in elections, are all to willing to not only accept the other party's domination of the agenda which has the effect of convincing anyone with half a brain that they are going to lose those self-same elections.

WTF will change their minds?

One Fly said...

and that ain't no shit cisco!!!