Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Moore Pwns Sean Hannity

It took a while for this to reach the Tube. C&L had it up in a timely fashion, but I cannot unpack the mystery of copying their embed code; shit, I can't even find it. So, unless you make a habit of practicing the kind of self-flagellation required to sit through ANY Fox News production, probably you missed it. It's delightful:

Michael Moore, in a suit!, no less, hands Hannity his shanty Irish ass...and yes: WAAOAIT!


Liberality said...

I am intrigued enough by your write up that I will have to watch this youtube video. But it will have to be at work tomorrow during a break because I have dial up here and it's just impossible to watch youtube on it.

Michael Moore is way smarter than greedy, shallow Sean Hannity could ever hope to be.

Liberality said...

Sean ain't Jesus that much is clear