Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Comittee Awards Peace Prize to Obama

Which, if you think about it, given what Obama has not YET done to bring peace of ANY kind to the world, anywhere--along with what he already has done to NOT TO END any of the wars in which we are now engaged--makes about a much sense as awarding the prize in Medicine, or Biology, to a first-year med student based on their lab reports and their grades in high-school chemistry.

But he DOES give a good speech:

Addendum: A better simile. It's like giving an Academy Award for Best Picture on the basis of a treatment and a pitch...

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rudekitty said...

Gives good speech? Is that like giving good head? Might as well be, he certainly sucks the dick of any corporate special interest lobbyist who comes along.

Still, this kitty cannot criticize Obama getting the Nobel for aspirations rather than deeds. Be baffled, yes. Criticize? Criticize what? It's just an award, no Nobel Prize ever did shit, it's just a pretty piece of paper to stick on the wall beside the "Thank You" note from the health insurance industry for making sure they get plenty of corporate head, the "Thank You" note from the Christianist Taliban for making sure gays still get fucked by the U.S. military, you get the picture, meow.