Monday, October 12, 2009

Obamanauts Go "Fox"-Hunting (with a butter-knife)

She's not wrong. Fox IS the un-official propaganda arm of the GOPuke wing of the Party of Property ("In the Corporate State, corporate media ARE State Media!").

Fox is engaged in a full-fledged corpoRat frontal attack on Obama and the Dims. And it is attacking Obama and his agenda with open fury, derision, lies, and threats. They want Obama either dead or disgraced--preferrably the former. The Owners --of whom Murdoch is a prominent, public member-- plan to use Obama's future failures to destroy the Dims entirely, and reduce the possibility of another "novelty" candidate--black? brown? female?--to zero.

This is of course not unprecedented. The 'right' IS anti-democratic, and anti-fairness, and anti-justice, and anti-equity. And always has been: Henry Luce HATED Roosevelt, and turned all his resources to defeating him, beginning in 1937 (the same year Luce named Hitler "Man of the Year").

This is mainly scene-setting, though, too. It's context for the 'white/populist' revolt they are trying to stimulate.

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