Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Golden Girl: mah Dixie-belle (10 this year)

Buddy: Stepped out of a Booth cartoon

There's this HUGE PR problem for the Oil Industry

It is that they cannot show that the "COST" of extracting, and refining oil into gasoline or other products has risen commensurately with the explosion in the "PRICE" of those products. Because it hasn't. Most of the world's oil today 'costs' today pretty much what it cost 5 years ago, before the Gibbering Chimp and his lackeys started their war against dandruff...errr, terror...errrr, truth.

Instead, they must pretend that mere, "wild speculations" (as the Gibbering Chimp exclaimed of news last week of Rummie's imminent replacement) about possible interruptions of supply, or possible disruptions in refining capability, or possible fluctuations in market conditions justifies their gouging consumers/citizens at the pumps...

But this is just that: a pretense, upon which record profits for the producers and distillers depends, and a pretense which will be amintained against all criticism for the conceivable, foreseeable future...

just sayin'

Rush's Brushes With The Law

"Nobody ever solved any problems just by throwing money at them."

This is an article of faith among the chattering, managing, and owning classes. They apply it to such disparate social issues as education, medical care, and civil rights. Indeed, this sentiment has found expression on numerous occasions over the years by that paragon of all Conservative virtue, American values, and moral rectitude, Rush Limbaugh.

So, given the sweet-heart nature of the "DEAL" Rushbo's barrister wrung from the Miami prosecutors to knock down his multiple drug-abuse, doctor-shopping, and illegal-purchase offenses down to a single count, with a $30k fine, and 18 mos., pee-in-da-cup probation, one suspects he 1) was either insincere in his condemnations of the application of huge sums of cash to the resolution of his problems (because Barrister Black does NOT work cheap), or 2) he has now seen the light of reason in his own predicament, and must henceforth refrain from such rash proclamations.

I suspect the former.

And I shall accede to the wisdom of that vital article of Conservative faith on the VERY DAY that the wealthy cease and desist from throwing money at their own problems...

just sayin'

Miss Mischief in Motion

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