Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian and my dream-crush!

NPR's "Spurious Objectivity" Drives Another Listener Away

Woody normally DON'T listen to NPR's Morning Edition, or any of their "news" programs, anymore.
Never Provoke Republicans radio.
NPR: Youm cannot spell "RePublicaN" without it.
The "bias" toward the spurious "middle" is too unrelenting...
And besides, it makes me physically ILL to listen to the inanities and chirpy, chipper maunderings of Insqueak and Rene Mundane.
Today I reminded myself why.
In a segment discussing the possible implications of the impending/threatened "sequestration," the editorial cretins invited the painfully orthodox, Friedmanesque "economics editor of the Wall Street Journal, David Wessell,  for "clarification."
Nearly the first thing out of his reeking gob was a blithe, off-hand repetition of the canard that the biggest problem going forward was "the growth in entitlements."
And there was NO even remotely skeptical voice heard from NPR.

Now, an even modestly intelligent person of ordinary, critical faculties might wonder WHY an ostensibly 'non-partisan' radio program would invite a representative of the most recalcitrant attacker of "entitlements,' one Rupert Murdoch--OWNER of the WSJ and dozens of other right-wing rags--to be the sole and only explicator of these intricacies. There ARE other possible commentators: Dean Baker, Joe Stiglitz, even the "Shrill One,"Paul Krugman, etc. Any of them could have answered the questions.
But NPR CHOSE to enlist a man who contributes to the MOST reactionary editorial board in North America, and he named the "usual suspects," and the drooling drones and mephitic minions of the most CORRUPT "Boss" on the planet never uttered a fuuking PEEP.

THAT'S why I have 1) cancelled my donation and 2) why I no longer defile my smoky, dusty domain with their feculent codswallop.
Here's the segment: