Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bill Maher, on 14-Yr-Old "Conservatives:"

Is there a charity I can give to, like "Wedgies, without Borders."
Not to Conservatards: If your boilerplate sounds strange and stilted in the mouth of a 14-yr-old boy, imagine what it sounds like when ADULTS say shit like that!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

High Court, Including Obama "Liberal" (St. Sonia), Butt Fucks Labor Unions

Put another way: The SCROTUS today handed down a ruling that shoved yet another hot, rough poker up the already bleeding ass of the Union movement, ruling 7-2 (with Ginsberg and Santa Sonia with the MAJORITY) which:
"....dealt an election-year blow to public-sector unions with a ruling that limits their ability to collect money for use in political campaigns from non-union employees at workplaces where a union is the bargaining agent.
The ruling comes in the wake of a major struggle over the rights of public-sector workers in which unions failed in their effort to recall Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker who’d signed a law curtailing the power of public sector unions.
The court said Thursday that non-union workers who benefit from union representation must affirmatively choose, or “opt in,” to having their “agency fees” used when a special dues increase or assessment is going to be used for political purposes. Simply giving them the option of opting out is not sufficient to protect their rights, the court held."
Only the Kagan and Breyer dissented...MSNBC tells it almost with relish.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Critical, Satirical SNL Vid, Banned in 1998?

The 1998 Robert Smigel animated short film "Conspiracy Theory Rock", part of a March 1998 "TV Funhouse" segment, has been removed from all subsequent airings of the Saturday Night Live episode where it originally appeared. Michaels claimed the edit was done because it "wasn't funny". The film is a scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including NBC's ownership by General Electric/Westinghouse.