Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TBGO: Black Powder;, I Mean: "Bang-o", I Mean: "Bang-o": Context is everything.

Central Coast Horticulture
It was a blustery day with snow on the mountain tops and white caps on the ocean but even in winter we can always find flowers blooming somewhere in Big Sur. Calla Lillies in a protected creek bed with an ocean view! I love our State Parks! Photo by @[1012415790:2048:Stan Russell]

Woody do love this part of Cali...I love a LOT of it, actually, mostly north of Ventura. I plan to have my ashes distributed upon the waves at Morro Rock. If there is also an orgy at the same time, that'd be good. I could live to speak.
As far as vegetation: Those are wild calla lillies along a creek in the Big Sur. 
Personally, I am an ardent admirer of CalTrans' iceplant...I'd grow it in my yard, if 1) I could get it and 2) it would grow in NM. Other than the sea itself, there is no other quotidian reminder of Cali that is more evocative of the place than iceplant (see below).

Ice Plant On Dunes


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Woman? Not On My Terms!

Glenda Jackson, an actor of some fame and justified renown, has been a member of the House of Commons for more than 20 years, for Labour. Here she delivers a right smart bitch-slapping to the sainted memory of Baroness Thatcher into the teeth of torrid (for Tories) torment from the other benches.

     You might well recognize her face or voice., She played Elizabeth, I, in the memorable BBC/PBS teevee series in 1971, Elizabeth R, but she had a reputation for fierceness even before that, winning an Oscar for a controversial adaptation DH Lawrence's Women in Love, and demonstrating time and again her willingness to commit art. She delivers such a stroke, here, for her constituents.

Flash: Screw Mad Meg. Long Live Glenda Jackson!