Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense...

Familiarity with and sympathy for these will make you fittingly offensive to the fascist fux...

Some Favorites:

Consequences of the War in Iraq and in the Oil Industry/Neocon War for Empire:

Issues pertaining relevant to political thought:

To bring the troops home see:

Good Organizations to Join or Follow:
Civil Liberties
Human Rights Groups
Women’s Rights
Federal Watchdogs:
Corporate Watchdogs:
Environmental Groups
World Bank/IMF/Globalization issues:
Labor Groups:
Gay Rights Groups / News Services:
Stopping AIDS:
Minority Groups:
Mental Health:
Universal Health Care:
People with Disabilities:
Progressive Investment Groups:

More 'Notable' Political Websites
Good website for analyzing geo-political global intelligence: (If you have the money to pay for it)

Online open-source encyclopedia and reference related:

Humor Websites (ridiculous stories on the Onion are rivaled only by Fox, CNN AND MSNBC)

To find Weapons of Mass Destruction Click on this Website:

Radio and Television Programs in your Area:

A host of Liberal Radio Links:

Media Issues

NEWS sites - Non-Partisan (but mainly SCUM)

NEWS-sites - Liberal Perspective

Veterans / Peace Issues

Political Art:

Religion-Based Organizations to Join or Follow:

Medical Marijuana Issues
(Excerpt from the Cato Institute)

For your liberty to choose Responsible, Casual Drug Use, check out these resources:,0,4914395.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

NEWS-sites - Conservative Perspective (How the 30 Percenters Think)

My thanks to an anonymous poster on craigslist.albuquerque for doing all the hard work

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