Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Corrales/Cuidando Los Ninos Lavender Festival

I was weak and bad and I wimped out last year, and I apologize, and promise not to do it again, but FYI: I am again going to mc the annual Lavender Festival this year in Corrales (for the benefit of Cuidando Los Ninos, a local non-profit which provides daycare for homeless kids).

It is TWO days, this year: Sat & Sun, 10-5 at the Corrales Community Center

For my friends in far places, I am prepared to purchase some amount of the stuff.

As yet i don't know the prices, but I'll know Saturday, after the first day

So I will post the prices first thing Sunday AM here, and ship desired quantities to any interested folks for my cost, plus shipping...

Sorry 'bout last excuses...I'm an unreliable slug, it's true...but if you're intersted, lemme know...

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cabearie said...

Hey, how about more on the festival...are the goods just lavender related, are there some artifacts from some of the local artists?