Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fuck Jim Lehrer and Fuck Ted Koppel

Yesterday, pseudo-Senator "Icky" Rickie("ManOnDog") Santorum, with reprehensible representative Peter Hoekstra along side him, stood up before members of the national and international press and told monstrous and egregious lies about the 'discovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq, as much as declaring that the altogether fictional, and spurious excuse for the invasion/conquest/occupation of that benighted nation had at last been found and the justification for the illegal, immoral, imperialistic charade had been established.

Not a single member of the press in attendance rebuked the Senator and his House colleague for their dishonesty. The allegations were simply forewarded to the relevant newsrooms, where they were promulgated by the reliable SoCalledUnbiasedMedia (SCUM) for the world to see.

Recently, both PBS NewsHour's Jim Lehrer, and the newly minted NPR "senior analyst" TRed Koppel have told interlocutors that it is not their province to doubt what they are told, nor is it their business to rule on the factuality or veracity of what (especially) Regime sourcews tell them; but instead it is their 'duty' to simply function as a conduit for the information, no matter its veracity or reliability.

It is this pretense of 'objectivity' upon which the Bushevik liars rely. They do not care whether the information they present is truthful, or verifiable. They launch these specious claims into the News-o-sphere for one purpose and one purpose only: to taint the discourse.

Their fucking lies are fucking uttered in the fucking first fucking place for the very fucking purpose of being spread the fuck around, in the full fucking certainty that the fucking likes of Jim fucking Lehrer and Ted fucking Koppel will merely fucking parrrot the fucking lie, and never fucking subject it to the fucking scrutiny it deserves and fucking requires.

The First Amendment was written to protect the press in the event that, operating as the so-called 'Fourth Estate," the purveyors of 'the news' might offend the powerful and risk official sanction for such temerity as actually subjecting the utterances of the Regime to close scrutiny.

With such dim lights as Koppel and Lehrer, who occupy significant posts in the hierarchy of the Press, pandering the the fascists, the First Amendment is now consigned--along with all the rest of the Constitution designed to assist the People in holding their leaders accountable and preventing the 'leaders' from becoming 'masters'--to complete irrelevance.

And so i re-iterate: FUCK Jim Lehrer, and FUCK Ted Koppel, and wholesale FUCK the rest of the chickenshit press for their cowardice, mendacity and corruption.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is evidence somewhere that we've done as bad or worse with chemical and biological weapons in the last 50 years despite international bans. Hell, we probably even sold them materials used for delivery of their chemical weapons and gave them the research on how to make them.

I have a friend still suffering what appears to be likely the effect of exposure to such weapons from going to Iraq in the Desert Storm war, and he lived in the streets for years afterwards when he couldn't hold a job and couldn't get the VA to acknowledge disability.