Sunday, June 04, 2006

You MIGHT Make A Difference...6/6/06


Would you like to have an amazing, FUN time this weekend? We just fired up a brand new virtual phone bank application. You can make calls from your own phone and we can even set you up with a phone card to pay for it, courtesy of Bob McCloskey, one of the Impeach Team heros.

You are going to LOVE this interface. It has a live chat function where you can talk to other participants doing the same thing as you, mobilizing people to
speak out in the ultimate way, by voting, and you can even get live instant help
the same way. All you have to do is sign up to get a password and you can start
making calls and making a difference immediately...


Panamint Pete said...

"Hello, my name is Nomen Clature, and I'm calling for the Virtual Phone Bank," { click, click}.
" Was that my phone clicking, or yours?"
" No need to worry, that's just the NSA ensuring the quality of our conversation. Now as I was saying.... I'm calling from the Virtual Phone Bank, and I'm asking for your support to help us replace the present regime in Washington"{CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK}
"What was that clicking sound?"
" That was the sound of your civil rights being chipped away. You don't have to worry".
"Why's that?"
" Two reasons. First, you lost them five years ago,
and secondly, they're knocking on my door right now".

nonprofitblog said...

Hey there Woody,
Believe or not, Ed Schultz was channelling you today. No, really. Ripping the dems to shreads he was.

Panamint Pete said...

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
As the news of Zarqawi's demise is thunderously trumpeted around the globe, and pictures of him being prepared for mounting so he may be placed ceremoniously in the White House trophy room deluge the evening news, let us not forget the lesson that may be learned from a little girl from Kansas. Let us silence the Munchkin band of reporters, analysts, and spokes to consider.
I am just as happy as the most most red-faced red stater at the icing of another terrorist( well, maybe not), but I pause to remind you all that the Wicked Witch of the West remains. He is holed up somewhere, being careful, and doing what he has been doing for several years, being a constant thorn in GW's side. He continues to work. Even if he is dead, by bin Laden's very nonexsistence he continues to inspire whole generations of Zarqawis.
Lest we forget that this was just one man, let us ponder our own Revolution. Imagine for a moment George Washington had been killed by a sniper's ball at Valley Forge. Would the rest of the movement quietly have packed up and gone home? To believe that Zarqawi's death will "start a New Era" as the PM of Iraq declared, that we shall now" Turn another corner" as the administration will doubtless inform us ( we have turned so many corners we have come full circle) is as naive as it is myopic.
So let us indeed be relieved that a man responsible for the planning of many murders is in fact out of the picture. In our jubilation though, be cogniscent of the reality that there is always someone there to take his place.