Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Have Born Serious Animus Against Rush For AT LEAST 20 Years

So it is NOT without a feeling of nearly delerious schadenfreude that i want to comment on the Blimpots on-going difficulties with the officers of the Court over his chemical dependencies.

Having gone through somewhat the same circumstance as Slimebot (not the drug part, but the crime part, and the arrest part, and the plea part); and all the obfuscatory. delusionary, self-exculpatory rhetoric to the contrary notwighstanding: I fucking PROMISE you that Rush was both "arrested" (detained by officers of the law) for, and convicted (adjudicated 'guilty') of breaking such laws as were violated by his behavior.

In a word: The fat fascist fucktard was BUSTED!

Pace, the laws he violated are intrusive and coersive, and the morality of the 'drug war' is dubious at best.

Still, Rush experienced pretty much the same formal treatments and structures that the lowest 'skel' collects at the booking desk. Fingerprinting, mug-shot, the whole drill (though he likely was NOT face-slammed into a convenient wall for demanding an attorney).

In the fullness of time, Rush was arraigned, before the Bench.

And he pled "nolo contendere" to at least one of the charges against him. That was an admission of guilt, a confession of culpability. He was convicted of SOMETHING, of that I am utterly certain. Had it not been so, he would not have been rendered under the scrutiny of the Court for 18 months.

Attendant upon his plea of nolo contendere, he incurred a sentence commensurate--in the view of the Court--with the severity of the violation.

As part of the sentence imposed by the Court in view of his conviction (his plea of nolo contendere nevertheless resulted in his uncontested conviction), he was placed on probation. Court-mandated probation imposed terms on his behavior, and assigned him to the supervision of the Court for a definite period of time.

If he does not violate--or, as of now, has not violated-- the terms of his probation, at the end of it, his plea, and his sentence are erased from his record.

But not the arrest record.

And if he has violated his probation agreement (little blue pills in his luggage at Miami Int'l), all bets are off, and Rush will--at least fuukin should--learn the truth about no one being above the law, and feel the lash for his privileged scoffing at the restrictions under which the rest of us labor.

Confession: I really want to see his conspicuous ass in jail.


Vicki said...

Quite frankly, my friend, I'd like to see him go to jail for a bit...

Get that fatuous fucktard off of the radio for good.

Anonymous said...

what vicki said. probation violations somethings work worst than the original crime. i too know how that works. no fun and just suckful.
great post brother.

Anne Johnson said...

Is it priceless, too, what he was caught with? If you pour too much passion into your work, you don't have any left for the trophy wife.

I literally cannot listen to his radio show for 10 minutes. Especially when I'm driving.

Prosecute to the full extent of the law.

APE131313 said...

I am wondering IF he got the required permissions to leave the area....................no one I know can set foot out of the county let alone the COUNTRY if they are on Probation/parole.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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