Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Okie Anti-Environmentalist Senator Blocks Rachel Carson Memorial

One of two of men leading Oklahoma's long-term project to field the DUMBEST FUCKING DELEGATION IN CONGRESS has put a 'hold' on a Senatorial memorial to honor Rachel Carson on the centennial of her birth.

Which one?

Well, ya gotta choice: Jim Inhofe, who proudly proclaims there has NEVER been a faggot in HIS family; or Tom Coburn, the physician who claimed women's sports in Okiedom were promoting lesbianism in the lockerroom.

Through a spokesperson the Senator accuses Carson of responsibility for millions of deaths in the developing world because of her activism to reduce the spread of chemical pesticide toxins.

You'd think a state the mascot of which is a bunch of thieving cheaters would try NOT to call attention to the sloping brows, ridged eye-brows, and prognathous jaws of its populace...

Read the piece, linked under the headline of this post, for the answer.

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