Saturday, December 20, 2008

Government Of The People, By The People, FOR The People? Fuggeddabodit!!!!

The "American Experiment" testing whether popular sovereignty is feasible--whether, as Franklin warned, a 'republic' can be sustained--is finished. The 'null hypothesis' is secure.

I have alluded to this in previous posts, but with a mere 30 days left in which the Busheviks can complete their agenda, it deserves repeating:
The whole, sole, and only raison d'etre of the Bushevik regime, their explicit instructions from their bosses and handlers in CorpoRat Murka, upon taking office, was to do demolish, undermine, subvert, and otherwise reduce to the fullest extent possible the capacity of the people to appeal to any institution of democratic self-governance to resist or roll-back the wholesale privatization of the People's 'commons,' and to trivialize, marginalize and if possible utterly remove any instrument that might abet appeal of those actions.

Mission: Accomplished.
Neither the Mocha Messiah, Mr.O, nor all the King's horses will put it together again. Mainly, of course, because it is soooo much easier to govern this way. Do NOT look for Mr.O to relinquish many, if any, of the powers arrogated to the presidency by the Bushies, at least until the "current" emergency passes.

What? You say the "current DISASTER" likely will NEVER pass?

Well, gosh, I guess NOBODY could ever have anticipated that, could they?

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Ruth said...

It's only attractive to keep us all away from the tubes if you need to commit crimes. There's no need when you have public service orientation. Waiting 30 more days. One month.