Monday, December 22, 2008

Pastor Warren: The Embarrassment That Keeps On Giving

Mr.O is still disappointing.

Not that I am surprised.

I have felt (and, unpopularly, frequently said) pretty much since the beginning that that would be the case. Starting with Rahm Emanuel, but followed closely by the financial team (Rubin/Summers clones), the defense team (Gates, Jones, McConnell), Salazar for Interior (Richardson would have been both a better pick and a better use of is talents, such as they are), and the naming of corpoRat clone Arne Duncan to Education, the list of Mr. O's picks is a litany of disappointments to anyone of a liberal/progressive bent who thought Obama actually meant to change the direction of the government.

But what the fuck is he thinking, naming Rick Warren, the multi-millionaire author and pastor to a homophobic Southern California congregation (and self-indicted liar), to "preach" the convocation at the Inauguration?

By naming (p)Rick Warren, the president-elect confers legitimacy on attitudes that are deeply contrary to the all-inclusive love of God. He is courting the powerful at the expense of the marginalized, and in doing so, he stands the Gospel on its one believer recently put it.

I guess he's trying to get everybody over it before the inauguration.

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