Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The "Sarah-Cooter" Ain't Going Away, Friendz!

Reeking, dripping, feculent former Colorado Congresscritter Marilyn Musgrave has broken her post-defeat, post-rejection, post-humiliation silence in a robo-call endorsement of that scummy, sleazy, vile, filthy dickhead, Saxby Chamblis, in the Georgia Senate race.

A match made in heaven. Musgrave's blame-frame should tell you all you'd ever need to know about her politics: Pro-abortion radicals and liberal activists cost her her seat, who poured millions into the race supporting the eventual winner, Elizabeth "Betsy" Markee. And Saxby, who defamed triple-amputee, multiple medal-winner Max Cleland by juxtaposing his face with that of Saddam Hussein to "win" his seat in 2002 in what was arguably the dirtiest State race in the nation that cycle; the man who video evidence showed fondling a pre-teen girl.

But the point to which the hed points is made clearer in a subsequent part of the post: Chambliss' surrogates recruited Sarah Palin to campaign for him in Georgia (via RightWingWatch):
The incumbent never conceded defeat or called Markey to congratulate her. Musgrave hasn’t given an interview since the election.
The robo-call was made on behalf of “Team Sarah,” which was created by the Susan B. Anthony List to build “a coalition of women dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process” … Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said she contacted Musgrave on Monday about recording a robo-call for the Georgia race and Musgrave agreed.
This coterie of Sarah-fems was only a very marginal actor in the past election. But I predict we're gonna hear a LOT more about "bible-study Moms." Palin's becoming an iconic figure in prole-Amerikkka, folks. She's gonna be around longer than Phyllis Schlafly's Dependz...

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