Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scott-Free? Yessiree!

With now fewer than 30 days until the scheduled exchange of power between the out-going and the incoming regimes, speculations about, and passion for, prosecution of the Busheviks for their near-decade of of excruciatingly documented predations upon the Constitution, the People of the USofA, and the rest of the nations of the world, are raging across the Tubez.


I bet I been sayin for the last year that nobody in the Bushevik regime would face justice from an Obama one. (I just checked. I intimated it in January, and in July declared it a done deal.) Sez me: "No President, of any party, persuasion, or predilection, will EVER set the precedent of prosecuting her/his predecessor, no matter what crimes, mal- and misfeasances in office scum-sucking fuckweeds did commit."

Why not, you ask? Why the fuck not?

Short answer: Wouldn’t be prudent.

There’s NO precedent for it–though since Nixon, at least, there certainly has been ample reason. The reasons in the case of the Chimp and his psychopathic satraps and minions are cumulatively more damning than perhaps any other gang of miscreants to ever run the place.

But to aggressively pursue the departing criminal perps would be counter-”productive” for Mr.O. Doing so would do nothing more than to invite his own ‘examination’ by hostile interests upon his own cessation from power. The quo ain't worth the quid. Along with setting himself for as bad or worse, any prosecution by the new regime would smack of–would certainly be portrayed by the Busheviks, and their allies as--"political payback." The Rightard punditry would scream bloody murder, and they would get LOTS of attention, and the Sisters of Sarah-Cooter will take to the streets with their babies and their bibles clutched to their heaving breasts, and the lap-dog SCUM (So-Called Unbiased Media) will scarf it up like Fido at the catbox…

The next refrain will be, “We have to bind the wounds.” And "There's so much work to do ahead, there isn't time for recriminations." They get a choir of castrati (from Dims in Congress) to sing it. In some ways, that's right, too. The clusterfucks upon clusterfucks--the international and domestic shit and blood stains--left behind by this pack of nauseating parasites present more than enough of a challenge to occupy the Nation's attention and resources. So, absent the kind of intervention that brought down Paul Wellstone and several other threats to the military/industrial/security "community," they'll all likely live long and prosper.

A commentor on another blog bemoaned the fact that "Our nation does not learn from history."

But that misstates the problem, as I explained:
This is a People who do not believe history guides them. That’s the problem with what’s called “American Exceptionalism.” It is a HIDEOUS national ideology by which American enterprises are elevated ABOVE the fray of ‘normal’ morality or rationality or behavior. Jusat as for Leona Helmsley, laws were for little people, so for American Exceptionalist orthodoxy, history was for losers. And America WINS!!!!

“We” do not learn from history because we deny its existence. “We” write history, and live by the lessons we thereupon transcribe. Exceptionalism--the dispensation (attributed variously to God and our own marvelous natures) from the normal laws--is, in an essential way, the root 'belief' of USer nationalism. It is what our "patriotism" celebrates.

Is there an organ or node of the “corpoRat media” which does not relentlessly promote this theme? Is there a curriculum in any school anywhere that does not revolve around that central belief? Is there a church anywhere in America from the pulpit of which you will NOT hear that ‘faith’ eternally promoted, its glories and wonders extolled--and praises unto the Lord in thanks for which be delivered? Is there an advertizement for anything from cars to carpet to condoms that does not require that assumption to make the sales pitch comprehensible--i.e., that it is YOUR distance from that Exceptional state which the product being hawked can repair?

Short answer: No…

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