Saturday, January 05, 2008

Post-Iowa Caucus/Pre-NH-Primary: Obama's STILL not my guy

And I don't see it changing. He's too much of a meliorist, and incrementalist. He doesn't seem to me to have the fire. I don't think he's got the stones for the job. To me, he seems like a kinda "Stuart Smalley" character of the campaign season: He wants too much to be liked by EVERYBODY; doesn't want to offend anybody; wants to negotiate with everybody. Tell me: How do you negotiate with people/interests which want you dead?

IF (a BEEEG word) he gets to be President, I cannot see Obama turning around to prosecute the departing fascist fux for their thousands of crimes, major and minor. The thing that permitted the Buashevik revolution to get the traction it got was the fact that the country never punished Nixon, and that sent a very bad message to the oligarchs, plutocrats, and the rest of the fascist elite.

So, I expect him to start his regime with talk of reconciliation with the Pukes. I for one DO NOT WANT to 'reconcile' with the fascist fucktards. I got nothing to say to 'em, once the "Get the fuck out of here" is over. But Barry O' will be talking about letting bygones be, and looking ahead, not back, and forgiveness, and all that crap...just as Jimmy Carter did, just as Bill Clinton did...They didn't wanna be labeled 'divisive' by the people (the PUKES, fer chrissake) whose whole platform and political ontology DEPENDS on divisiveness. In consequence they left in place the people who would ultimately destroy 'em.

Which will mean the fascist fux just roll back under their rocks, untouched, unrestrained, undead...just like the first Clinton walked away from the Reagan/Bush 41 scandals.

If Clinton had gone after them, made an issue of their corruption, it wouldn't have changed anything in his presidency, cuz they'd still have gone after him.

And I don't see Shillary doing it either.

Edwards is the only candidate pissed off enough at the fascist motherfuckers' predations over the last 30 years to actually act against 'em, to call 'em on their bullshit, and try to make 'em pay for it....

Which is prob'ly why he's getting the media treatment he's getting (like the late R. Dangerfield, he don't get no respect)...

The country--the PEOPLE--need a goddam bloodthirsty, vicious, dedicated, determined TRIAL LAWYER on their bond. There's already too many pansy-ass corpoRat assholes dividing the shit they have stolen. We, the People, need an advocate for our interests, who knows they are not the same as the interests of the fascist/elites...

The People of the USofA have had their innards sucked out by the GOPuke recirculating pump, and somebody needs to PAY!

That's why I'm supporting John Edwards.

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BlakNo1 said...

Me too.

Barring dirty tricks, one of these three will be our next president. I want the one that isn't going to let bygones be bygones.