Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Any Candidate Who Promises To Extract USer Troops From Iraq Is Lying To You

Cuz nobody CAN pull out all the troops.

Cuz they HAVE to keep "non-combatant' troops who'll be stationed there 'temporarily' to man and protect the airplanes and equipment which will be stored there 'temporarily' on the several dozen 'temporary installations' nearing completion all across Iraq.

They can't be 'permanent' bases, cuz that's been forbidden. So they'll have to be "temporary' bases," won't they? Cuz there are gonna be bases...

Until the oil runs out, and/or "we've" secured a better toe-hold in the trans-Caspian--Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Kzakhstan, Uzbekistan (Turkmenistan, damnit; I always forget Turkmenistan): the old Russian 'far east'--which is the last, really enormous, largely untapped pool of petroleum left on earth.

And the Russians--who have a border there-- know that, and the Chinese--who also have a border there, and are ravenous for energy--also know it, and the Indians--who, believe it or not ALSO have a border there, and are ALSO starving for energy--know it, troo. And "We" know it, too, of course, but we are at a serious disadvantage, one which should be pretty obvious, and has to do with having (or not) a border on the disputed region. We don't have one, and everybody knows that.

But, with tactical air-bases in Iraq, it's the next best thing. Tactical fighters are now indispensible for border protection and interdiction. There are going to be USer troops around, to keep those aircraft flying and protected, from now on, evern if it is only "temporarily," gay-ron-fuukin'-TEED, cherie...

And after the oil, there'll be the water...

Nobody's gonna bring the troops home, kids...Nagahapun.

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