Wednesday, January 16, 2008

International Terrorists Training In USofA

Yeah, they're Cuban 'volveristas.' Doesn't mean they're not terrorists; just that they're OUR bloody-minded, international murderers.

Including one Jose Posada Carilles, a murderous, cold-blodded, fascist gunsel who, it is alleged, while working for the CIA in the '70s, planted a bomb on a Cuban airliner. It exploded over the Gulf Of Mexico, killing 73 people (including the Cuban international fencing team--the motherfucker sounds like a decent candidate for waterboarding to me; in fact, I'll hold the goddamn bucket. The guy's a cold-eyed killer!).

Everybody knows the Cubans in Murka are planning--and training, with AK-47s, RPGs, etc--to return to their 'home' and take Cuba back from the Fidelistas, by force. They fully expect that USer resources will be there to assist them. (I do wish they'd ALL leave, but I'd hope they got sunk in a hurricane 20 miles from shore). Via
The "Global War on Terror" has been a primary concern of the US government in recent years, but a new exposé reveals a network of international "terrorists" have trained and apparently found refuge in America for decades.

Tristam Korten and Kirk Nielsen, writing for, profile a group of Cuban exiles who are believed to have plotted attacks against Cuba and continue to operate in Florida with virtual impunity.

"[O]ther than an occasional federal gun charge, nothing much seems to happen to most of these would-be revolutionaries. They are allowed to train nearly unimpeded despite making explicit plans to violate the 70-year-old U.S. Neutrality Act and overthrow a sovereign country's government," they write.

"In Greater Miami, home to the majority of the nation's 1.5 million Cuban-Americans, the presence of what could credibly be described as a terrorist training camp has become an accepted norm during the half-century of the anti-Castro Cuban diaspora, Alpha 66 and numerous other paramilitary groups -- Comandos F4, Brigade 2506, Accion Cubana -- are so common they've taken on the benign patina of Rotary Clubs with weapons."
This situation, it seems to me, makes vividly clear how much an "insurgent" in one theatre resembles a 'patriot' in another.

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