Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's "Wrong" With Faith In Our Politics? (Other Than "EVERY-Fucking-Thing," You Mean?) Part II

It's this kind of crap that drives me to regard 'religious sentiment' as hazardous to the health of the democratic Republic of the USofA. There's a video. Copy and save it.

And no matter how you cast it, you cannot escape the fact that this is 1) a minister who is 2) near the top of the heap among GOPukes running for President who 3) hates the Constitution, 4) promotes the idea of a "Christian" nation, against the evidence of history, custom and sense, and 5) wants to amend the fucking Constitution to better mirror some fucking imaginary "God's" will.

What the fuck!!! This guy stands at least a 50-50 chance to secure the GOPuke nomination. Why don't his fellow candidates stand up to this wack-tard asshole slimeball crackpot bastard? Audiences should be hounding him off the fucking stage aamid showers of rotting fruit and fecal matter, and foul howls of derision!

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