Monday, January 07, 2008

How Do Ya Like Yer 'Competin' Narratives? Me? I Like Mine 'Bout Evenly Plausible (Revised)

(Revised, 1.8.08 @ 8 am.)
Remember last week, that Iraqi soldier who "inexplicably" shot and killed two American soldiers and wounded several others on a patrol?

What made him do it?

Al-Qaeda plant? Insurgent? Death wish? What???
Well, what if it turns out that mebbe the Murkins were pulling their usual bullying shit, pushing people around, shouting curses, manhandling folks to get information? Mebbe abusing, bullying, insulting Iraqi women as the soldiers rousted the people, and conducted their searches for insurgents?
The women. Maybe touching them, maybe pulling their hair, maybe violating their privacy...

And the soldier--a tribal man--just decided his honor could bear no more? Mebbe he protested. Mebbe he said, hey, stop fucking with the women, and when they kept ignoring him, he just said "well fuck you," and opened fire, though it will cost him his life.

Yup, maybe...

Like I said, I like mine plausible.

Which is what makes this story so compelling. Dahr Jamail, a relaible reporter, is co-author on the piece. So it's got some credibility.

Side-bet: I have always maintained that no USer would ever face maximum sanctions for ANYTHING done to an Iraqi in Iraq. I'm batting 1.000, so far. I'll broaden the bet: This guy gets stood up against a wall and Iraqis, probably.

UPDATE: Go to Voice Of The People dot org, for vids of USer "house raids." Ask yourself if it were Iraqis rousting your countryfellows, how would you react?

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