Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Driving While Black

This story was on NPR, this morning discussing the arguments at the SCROTUS yesterday concerning:
... (T)he case of a man who was stopped for driving with a suspended license in Virginia. Instead of following a state law that directs police to write a ticket and let suspended drivers go, officers arrested David Moore and (much later. Ed.) searched him. They found crack cocaine in his jacket and Moore was convicted and sentenced to prison. The Virginia Supreme Court overturned the conviction, saying the cocaine should never have been admitted.
Listen to the piece, here.

Now here's the nutz: How did the cop/pigs know the guy was driving on an expired license BEFORE they stopped him? How would that be possible? Was he flaunting his unlicensed status, somehow? Did he hang a flag out the window that said "Here's a Black fella with an expired license?" Wouldn't you think that the pig/cops would have to have stopped the driver, asked for his license, and then noticed it was expired?

So, what was the probable cause for the stop in the first place? But of course the answer is: This was Portsmouth, VA, Pat Robertson country. Tidewater. Where they STILL celebrate Lee-Jackson Day. Betcha a DOLLAR the accused was non-Caucasian.

The whole case seems flawed, to me. How did these arguments escape the attention of the Justices?

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