Sunday, January 13, 2008

Speaking of the "troops," this is the saddest story of the week

Report: 121 veterans linked to killings
Sun Jan 13, 9:08 AM ET
NEW YORK - At least 121 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have committed a killing or been charged in one in the United States after returning from combat, The New York Times reported Sunday.
(Ed. Note: I do not think anyone ever collected such statistics for Nam vets, but I bet the number would be stratospheric.)
The newspaper said it also logged 349 homicides involving all active-duty military personnel and new veterans in the six years since military action began in Afghanistan, and later Iraq. That represents an 89-percent increase over the previous six-year period, the newspaper said.

About three-quarters of those homicides involved Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, the newspaper said. The report did not illuminate the exact relationship between those cases and the 121 killings also mentioned in the report.

The newspaper said its research involved searching local news reports, examining police, court and military records and interviewing defendants, their lawyers and families, victims' families and military and law enforcement officials.

Defense Department representatives did not immediately respond to a telephone message early Sunday. The Times said the military agency declined to comment, saying it could not reproduce the paper's research.

A military spokesman, Lt. Col. Les Melnyk, questioned the report's premise and research methods, the newspaper said. He said it aggregated crimes ranging from involuntary manslaughter to murder, and he suggested the apparent increase in homicides involving military personnel and veterans in the wartime period might reflect only "an increase in awareness of military service by reporters since 9/11."

Neither the Pentagon nor the federal Justice Department track such killings, generally prosecuted in state civilian courts, according to the Times.

The 121 killings ranged from shootings and stabbings to bathtub drownings and fatal car crashes resulting from drunken driving, the newspaper said. All but one of those implicated was male.

About a third of the victims were girlfriends or relatives, including a 2-year-old girl slain by her 20-year-old father while he was recovering from wounds sustained in Iraq.

A quarter of the victims were military personnel. One was stabbed and set afire by fellow soldiers a day after they all returned from Iraq.
More than one quarter of all homeless men are Vietnam vets. The number of Iraq vets on the streets is increasing every month. As is the number of suicides among Iraq veterans. Providing care to the soldiers damaged by the ICORP in Iraq will end up costing as much as the prosecution of the thing itself, in the first place, according to the February number Harper's Index.

By time they are done, the fascist fux of the Bushevik Cabal will have fucked this country up beyond ANY hope of repair or even salvage. And they'll just walk the fuck away. What is needed, of course, is to mount their dead heads on the iron pickets of the fence around the White House as a warning to subsequent 'leaders.'

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Billy Pilgrim said...

Thanks for commenting on this story, and for including the statistic from Harper's Index. Those are very depressing facts, but we need to be reminded of them.