Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mrs. C Hints At Racism, Mr. O Hints At Sexism. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

The Intertubes (e.g., OpenLeft dot com) are alive with commentary on the latest campaign ads and strategies between the two front-runners for the Democratic nomination. People are shocked, shocked, I tell you, that things have degenerated so far so fast.

Mrs. C. and Mr. O must be understood in these things in the same way in which, to understand what has happened in Africa, especially, but in all former European colonies, we must understand the relations of power usually called 'colonialism.' (you can )

The 'world' gasped in disbelief at the "savagery" of the newly independent peoples, their 'corruption', and immediately created stereotypes by which to negate and dismiss the struggles of emerging nations to adapt. But the newly freed/liberated indogenes had only--albeit readily and enthusiastically--adopted the oppressive tactics and practices of their former colonial masters.

Given the infrastructure, and the structural demands of the universe into which they were thrown (think Heidegger), and which in fact was/is STILL the universe of their former masters, it is not a strike against their capacity for self-government, for example, that they mainly/often became mere local avatars of the system into which they were thrust.

So, is it so surprising that in a culture which has expunged neither racism not sexism from its underlying epistemological premises, infrastructures, and power relations, that even avatars of the victims of race/sex-ism would gravitate to the instruments which won and secured power for their masters/oppressors previously?

It's disturbing. But it is also an artifact of the necessity of the campaigns to inhabit all the old, colonial forms perfected over all this time, which have been almost 'unimproved'--that is, worked flawlessly--for the last 450 years.

Aside: So the 'boomer bashing' begins. Predictably, as the first of us start to call in our markers.

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