Wednesday, December 03, 2008

RailRunner Begins Daily Commuter Service To Santa Fe Dec. 17

The Gov and the bigwigs will take the inaugural trips in Dec. 15. Commuter service begins Dec. 17. Round-trip fares will be less than $10. You can't drive from Abq-Sfe-Abq, and park when you're in Santa Fe and spend less than $20.

This is going to become one of the State's most popular public ventures. Already they claim more than a MILLION trips since it started running in 2006. I'll be taking the trip on the 18th. Lunch with friends at Tomasita's in the Rail Yard. Drink as many Margaritas as I want, and they can pour me onto the returning train. I'll be sober by the time I get back to Abq...

Now, if they'd install a station at the Airport and a tram from the arrival gate to the RoadRunner stop, and increase the number of trains...


Anonymous said...


I plan to make the trip at the next trip to Alb.

from Ruth
(dunno why the name isn't on this comment, oh well)

Jim Terr said...

I'm so excited I could shit. This is the wave of the future. This being NM, however, I'm grateful that the bigwigs will be making the maiden voyage, to work out the kinks, which could be fatal.

-Jim Terr, long-time reluctant tolerator of auto ownership & travel.