Monday, December 29, 2008

KARMA! BeYotch...

Susie on C&L today had this heartening report on the fortunes of a certain discredited, but still incredibly wealthy financier-cum-bunko artist with the apt moniker, Made-off:
Bernie Stashed His Cash Offshore
By Susie Madrak Monday Dec 29, 2008 1:00pm

My, this just gets better and better, doesn't it?
Investigators believe that Bernard Madoff has stuffed hundreds of millions of dollars in Ponzi profits into offshore tax havens from which they could prove tricky to recover.

In the weeks since his Dec. 11 arrest, forensic accountants have been scouring Madoff's books as federal officials ready an indictment against the hated hedge-funder, who remains under house arrest in his $7 million Upper East Side penthouse.

The accountants believe Madoff regularly sent bundles of money to offshore accounts in the Caribbean and Europe, the Observer newspaper in London reported yesterday.

[...] The tax havens are designed under local laws to be nearly impervious to subpoenas or other investigative inquiries, making it notoriously tough for US officials to seize or even see what's there.
So, now here's the 'karma' part:
Rumor has it that Bernie's stashed a fair bundle of his ill-gotten boodle in Israel. So, after he gets away with it--which he will--and either avoids prison altogether, or serves a ridiculous, short, and easy sentence in some Club Fed, like where Boesky and Millkin went, he gets out and rejoins his sons--who HAD to have been in in it from the start--and they all emigrate, with Bernie who absconds after his billions to Israel, and there they all get blown up, victims--the only victims--of an accidental, pre-mature car-bomb blast on the very day, within hours of when he lands to retrieve his swag...Clouds of blood-spattered $100 bills swirling around the Negev inside a dust-devil...
Now THAT'S Karma!

Addendum: Pure Story-board! I TRULY expect this plot summary to be picked up by one of the "Law & Order" franchises for the new season...I'd betta buck there's a Bernie-Madoff character who gets snuffed SOON, like the Murder on the Orient Express...


Liberality said...

here's to wishing I suppose

Ruth said...

The agents of charities who had ALL their funds stashed with Madoff ought to be in a deep, dark hole. One of them was Project Innocence's funding organ, which is disgraceful. Madoff's not going to be safe in even the least oppressive prison.