Monday, December 21, 2009

Media Matters' "Miss-Informer-Of-The-Year"

I normally wouldn't taint these hallowed, blistered, bleeding bytes with the following images, but as MediaMatters vets it, I suppose it cannot be too corrosive (What am I saying? It's Glenn Beck! You'll need a shower, afters, and wanna burn your clothes!!! Chuy! The STOOOOOOOOPIT!!!!! It BURNNNNNSSSSSS!!!!!!!!):

Every day, Media Matters documents conservative misinformation in the media -- from cable news to right-wing radio, from online publications to major newspapers. We hold the media accountable for all too often passing along conservative spin, smears, and distortions as fact. Each year, we award Misinformer of the Year to the media personality or outlet that has been the most egregious disseminator of conservative misinformation. Previous awardees include Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, ABC, and Sean Hannity. This year's "winner" took the title by a landslide.
There's a pledge page, but I hope spreading the word is good enough, cuz if I ain't broke, I'm badly bent.

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